Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male is far weaker

Bradford, England 3 comments
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I just bought Jean Paul Gaultier's

Le Male

And it is very weak, it's not as strong as it

Used to be

But the price is

I want my money back

Or could it just be that Wilkinsons in

Eccles Manchester are selling Snide


Does anyone know how I put a complaint

In to the Jean Paul Gaultier's company

Because this le male is weak as *** water

What is the companies website address,

Has anyone else noticed that it is weak


I will obviously be going back to Wilkinsons

To get my money back

Mr Jean Paul, check Wilkinsons out

Review about: Le Male.



I have the same issue as yourself, but can't find a complaints number or email address.

My aftershave came from debenhams

Niugan, Caloocan, Philippines #667830

The lemale is reformulated I don't know when but I saw on some reviews it's now reformulated damnnn

London, England, United Kingdom #589099

Thank god! Someone else has noticed!

I buy Jean Paul 'le male' eau de toilette all the time and the past three bottles I have bought have been FAR weaker than usual. It REALLY *** me off. They haven't adjusted the price, but they've adjusted the STRENGTH. It honestly doesn't last five minutes on your skin.

People used to mention how nice the scent was and now no one can even smell it on me, even when I douse myself in the stuff. These companies need to SERIOUSLY consider their customers. It's anything to save money these days, you either get less product at the same price or the product is affected in some way in order for companies to cost-cut at their end. And they think we don't notice!

I'm with you all the way in complaining. Who do we write to?

I do hope other customers have noticed and their sales plummet!


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